Empowering Rwandan Entrepreneurs: The Asante Financial Services Group and AC Mobility Partnership!

Witness Theophile Munyentwari’s remarkable journey with Asante’s Umurabyo Loan, a product born from our partnership with AC Mobility in Rwanda!

Theophile is the owner of Volcano Express Ltd in Kigali-Kicukiro-Rwandex. He embarked on a year-long journey with our 6-Month Loan Product, and the results are nothing short of extraordinary.

Here is Theophile’s success story and his insights on Umurabyo Loan product.

🔍 Challenges Before Asante Loan:

Before embracing Asante’s loan products, Theophile faced a common entrepreneur’s challenge—accessing quick funds at a reasonable rate. Running a business, especially in the Mass Transportation sector, demands constant capital flow, but finding the right source of funds was a significant hurdle. Then, he discovered Asante Financial Service Group.

💡 Positive Outcomes:

With Asante’s support, Theophile’s daily revenue skyrocketed by 60%. The downtime of a bus used to mean lost income, a painful reality he was all too familiar with. Umurabyo Loan empowered him to keep his fleet running smoothly, translating into higher profits. Whenever a financial challenge arises, he simply reaches for his smartphone and taps into the Asante App/Pronto for a quick solution.

🌟 Unique Features:

One standout feature for Theophile is the daily loan installment payment. It allows him to repay his loan seamlessly, a little at a time, without feeling the financial burden without impacting the operations of his business.

📣 Advice to Fellow Business Owners:

Theophile has some sound advice for fellow business owners. He highly recommends Asante over for its swift and convenient service.

Theophile’s journey with  Umurabyo Loan is a testament to the power of accessible credit and strategic partnerships. We’re proud to be part of his success story and look forward to empowering many more entrepreneurs like him.

Join Asante Financial Services Group on this incredible journey of financial empowerment and growth as we continue to unlock business potentials across Africa!

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