Financing For You
Financing For You

In line with our Purpose of advancing financial independence and well being of Africans, our portfolio of products and services is designed to include loans, payments, deposits, investment and insurance-related products, and asset management products and services, to cater to the needs of African businesses and individuals.

Merchant Working Capital Finance

We provide funding to small businesses, to facilitate the running of their day-to-day operations in a seamless way.

Agent Float Finance

We offer float finance to authorised Agents towards helping them keep their businesses running.  This helps address the problem of liquidity, and provides them with an easy channel through which they can access float with speed, on affordable terms and from a trusted lending partner.

Personal Finance

Life is unpredictable. We’re here to cushion that unpredictability by offering emergency loans at affordable rates and with flexible payment terms.

Payroll Lending

We will help your employees get through the unforeseen cash crunch by offering low interest payroll loans.  We want to help you keep your staff happy and keep your business running.

Smartphone Finance

Get the smartphone you need to make your life easier. Spread the cost of a new smartphone into smaller, easier payments, scheduled over a period that works best for you and your wallet.

Insurance Premium Finance

Insurance premiums can be a burden. At Asante Financial Services Group, we are here to relieve that burden.  We do that by giving loans to finance your insurance premiums, ensuring maximum convenience and protection.

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