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We're Here For You

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Asante Financial Services Group is a Credit-Led Neo Bank that supports Africa’s growth through provision of financial services to growing businesses . Asante commenced operations in early 2018 and has grown to become a leading SME Digital Bank in the region. We have partnered with the largest telcos, mobile-based marketplaces, airlines, retailers, payment processors, insurance companies, smartphone phone OEMs and large FMCGs, as corporate channel partners, to access the MSMEs in their ecosystems.  Our presence countries are Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Rwanda with active plans to expand to 7 more countries by 2025

We are here
for one reason:

To Advance the Financial Independence and Well Being of Africans.


Because we believe in the incredible potential of Africa and her people.

Through our services, we aspire to become Africa’s leading digital financial services provider by facilitating financial independence, tapping into the best talent in the market, and harnessing the power of technology to deliver world class lending services to our valued customers. Everything we say, and everything we do, is anchored on the values of Trust, Reliability, Innovation and Simplicity. At Asante Financial Services Group, you will find a Responsive and Passionate team! It’s part of our DNA!

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