Success Stories
Success Stories

At Asante Finance Group, we aim to make a social impact by empowering small businesses and individuals to unlock their potential and be the best they can be. Here are some stories from some of our loyal clients.

It’s important to keep a good level of stocks if you want to succeed in the hardware business.

Faith, Superior Hardware Store Manager

“I decided to start this business in Ruai back in 2010, when the area wasn’t as populated as it is today. As the community grew, so did my business. I provided many construction projects in the area with construction goods and services. As time went by, I learnt more about this business, things like the best products to sell, how to price my products, and how to promote my business. As a small business, I had my fair share of challenges. The biggest one was managing my stock. It got to a point where I would run out of stock, thereby inconveniencing my clients and not making sales.

I had to come up with a more efficient way to stock check and keep my store fully stocked at all times. Some of the items I’d run out of were cement, nails, steel bars and rods, roofing tiles, plumbing materials and other basic construction goods. Unfortunately, these fast moving goods are also the ones that have the lowest profit margin. I thought that having a problem of stockouts with a good customer base is a good problem to have, so I decided to invest more in how I manage my stock and buying more products from cheaper suppliers.

Asante Financial Services Group really helped by providing affordable funds that I used to get more stock for my business. I’ve been borrowing from Asante since 2018 and truth be told, my business has thrived. I’m really glad to have chosen them as our relationship has been great from the get go.”

To succeed as a licensed liquor store, one needs resilience, dedication, determination and street smarts.

Munyoki, Empire Wines & Spirits - Kitengela

“I have a liquor store called Empire Wines & Spirits in Kitengela. Running this business has been a very interesting venture. I believe that to succeed in operating a licensed liquor store, one needs resilience, dedication, determination and street smarts. I’ve added street smarts because you need to understand the game – know who you will be dealing with.
Although we pay a hefty amount of money for our annual license, the Kanjo (City Council) comes around more often than not, demanding a significant sum of money, otherwise, they’ll force us to close shop.
I’ve also had to deal with the damage of goods during transportation, difficult customers and seasonal stockouts. I had to find solutions that’ll help me mitigate these very common situations. That’s why I reached out to Asante Financial Services Group.

I understand the implications of taking loans and defaulting so I always make sure that the funds I get from Asante are utilised efficiently in the business and that I pay on time or even earlier.

My great track record with them has had me get a higher loan limit that I truly appreciate. One can’t manage such a business alone and I thank Asante for helping me grow my business to what it is now.”

As a perishable goods grocery business owner, I needed to invest in new storage equipment and in improving store security.

Sammy, Bethany Village Shop

“I deal with perishable goods in my grocery shop. University students are my biggest clientele as I sell most, sometimes all of my goods to them. Most of them are 3rd and 4th-year students who live in nearby apartments and the students’ hostel. Since they live alone, they need a consistent supply of fresh fruits and vegetables and sometimes pre-boiled products like beans and green grams. I saw this gap years ago and decided to take the leap and open Bethany Village Shop.

Sometimes the students go on strike for one reason or the other. When the strike is too intense, they are forced to go back home for a while. My main clientele – the 3rd and 4th-year students get affected the most. During those unfortunate times, my business really suffers. I’ve had to figure out a way of getting a bigger client base so that I have some cushioning when the students are out of school.

Three years ago, I came across Asante Financial Services Group. I reached out to them for a small loan for my operating costs and they came through for me. Now, I’m able to make deliveries to my customers who live far from my shop and I always have stock. I’ve also been able to invest back in the business, in terms of getting new storage equipment and improving store security. My loan limit has also grown because I always try to pay them back on time. Their interest rates are also quite favourable compared to other mobile loan services available. They have really added value to my business and I’m so grateful! I believe our business relationship will continue to grow.”

The hospitality business is a little different to run, as you have to work on giving the best customer service, ambience, food quality and overall experience.

Joseph, Rock Villa Restaurant

“Rock Villa Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants here in Kiambu County. We opened the restaurant around 7 years ago and I am proud of the growth we have had. The hospitality business is a little different to run, as you have to work on giving the best customer service, ambience, food quality and overall experience.

My restaurant has a dining area and a small bar with fun activities. I had to learn by trial and error, to understand my customers’ needs. I also had to learn a lot about the government regulations so that I make sure I’m always within the law. I often have conversations with my customers where I encourage them to give me honest feedback about their experience, that I review and use for the improvement of service.

To get your business to grow faster, it’s always a good idea to invest a good sum of your profits back into the business. Over time, I have been able to change the interior decor, the staff attire, food choices and even added a pool table for my patrons. My die-hard customers who have been with me from the very beginning love the growth of the restaurant and enjoy the new additions.

I attribute this great growth to my dedicated team, loyal customers and my financing partner – Asante Financial Services Group. Asante has seen my growth and has always been there to provide business advice and funding that I do my best to pay back on time. I believe that I’ll continue using their services for a very long time!”

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