Bloom Loan by Asante Financial Services Group. How MSME’s benefit from quick access to credit to grow and scale their businesses.

Some of the major challenges facing MSME’s include inadequate access to credit, complicated and high tax regimes, and the high cost of doing business among others. Of all these challenges, inadequate access to credit reigns supreme and that’s why Asante Financial Services Group has Bloom Loan to help MSME’s grow and increase business profitability through access to credit.

As the world embraces new technologies and growing businesses find new ways to achieve their goals and dreams, Asante Financial Services Group is working to be an integral part of that journey. We have been working together with Micro and Small enterprises since 2018 to help them meet their potential. We provide our customers with innovative financial solutions and exceptional customer experience that are targeted towards seeing them excel in the industries that they serve.

Asante Financial Services Group is aware of the impact that M-pesa has had in Kenya and East Africa at large. Most if not all money transactions in Kenya are through M-pesa becoming the main mode of payment for most individuals in the country.

Having started out just as a dream ourselves, we recognize the need of supporting these Micro and Small Enterprises) to access the help they need to achieve their business goals. Bloom Loan is a simple solution to meet the merchant’s immediate capital needs, and we believe that every business deserves the opportunity to expand. Bloom Loan by Asante Financial Services Group gives our customers quick financing solutions for their expansion, working capital and operational needs. It is tailor made for Safaricom Lipa na M-pesa merchants, making it easy for them to access fast and convenient credit for their businesses for up to Ksh.200,000.

Bloom Loan is ready to partner with every business that has an active Lipa na M-pesa merchant till that has been in operation consistently for at least 3 months. All you need to do is make a quick registration through your merchant device by dialing *310# to opt in and you can begin to access credit. This gives our customers the boost needed to keep their hustle going.

At Asante, we realize that every business is set up differently therefore Bloom Loan scores each business differently and we have customized loan limits for each business. Loan limits are scored based on your till transactional history, your credit history and your relationship with Lipa na M-pesa. Bloom Loan allocates loan limits to each store that you registered individually. This makes it possible for one customer to have different credit limits under different stores and access the loans separately.

Getting a Bloom Loan is easy, all you need to do is opt in on your merchant phone by dialing *310#. Once you have opted in, your limit will be shared and you can apply for your loan based on that. You will get your funding shortly after your request through your merchant account. Repayment is just as easy. It can be done in full or in partial instalments depending on the loan tenures allowing you flexibility to choose among the following for your business needs including:

  • 21 Day Loan @7.6%
  • 7 Day Loan @2.6%
  • 1 Day Loan @0.4%

The earlier you pay the more the loan limit increases.

Asante Financial Services Group has made Bloom Loan easy to access with effortless payback. The thought behind the unsecured loan is to make it extremely convenient for the smooth running of your business without the time-consuming processes and long paperwork to acquire funding to grow your business. Bloom Loan is all for growth and inclusion. Let your business bloom with Asante Financial Services Group.

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