Asante Financial Services and Interswitch Introduce Agent Float Financing for Quickteller Agents

Kampala, 29th April 2024 – In a strategic move to improve financing for Quickteller agents, Asante Financial Services Limited and Interswitch have partnered to unveil a pioneering credit service called Agent Float Financing.

The new service, which was designed to cater to the distinct credit needs of Quickteller agents, will provide affordable loans to active Quickteller agents who have been the platform for more than six months, and have maintained a good credit score. With the Agent Float Financing, agents will be able to get up to 7 million Uganda Shillings at friendly interest rates. Among the main objectives of the service is empowering the agents to maintain business continuity and enhance service delivery to their growing customer base.

Micro and small businesses often grapple with the challenge of limited access to credit due to cumbersome traditional processes associated with accessing credit facilities. However, Agent Float Financing cuts out endless paperwork and the need to provide collateral to obtain credit because credit access is granted based on the agent’s credit score and transaction activity. This widens the scope of agents who can access credit to inject into their working capital by including those that lack collateral but have a good credit score and active profitable businesses.

Speaking about the new partnership, Maxwell Muyonjo, Country Managing Director at Asante Financial Services Group mentioned;

“Asante Financial Services Ltd is dedicated to providing credit facilitation to micro and small businesses. The introduction of Agent Float Financing marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to empower entrepreneurs across Uganda. This product is designed to address the specific needs of Quickteller agents. It provides real time credit facilitation to enhance business continuity and elevate service delivery. We believe this product will not only transform the financial well-being of Quickteller agents but will also contribute significantly to the local economy and individual livelihoods.”

The service enhancement will ensure that active Quickteller agents have adequate capital that is not only readily available, but also attracts friendly interest rates that allow the small businesses to remain profitable. In addition to business sustenance, both organisations believe that the tailor-made credit services will also create an avenue for business expansion. While most small Quickteller businesses are resilient, supporting them to do more with credit allows them to increase their earnings.

While commenting on the partnership, Benfield Murumba, Head of Financial Inclusion at Interswitch said that Agent Float Financing is yet another key addition to the plethora of offerings available on the Quickteller platform. He added:

“Interswitch remains committed to providing technology solutions that connect and empower individuals, businesses and communities. With this as a major driving force, we are constantly innovating and partnering with other innovative organisations to make this a reality for our customers, including our Quickteller agents who are valuable partners. This partnership with Asante Financial services to introduce the Agent Float Financing service to our Quickteller agents is another step-in line with this overarching goal.

This strategic partnership between Asante Financial Services Ltd and Quickteller marks a significant step forward in empowering micro and small businesses, particularly Quickteller agents, in Uganda, and reflects a deep commitment to supporting agents and boosting financial inclusion efforts across the country.

About Interswitch

Quickteller is a product of Interswitch, a leading technology-driven company focused on the digitization of payments in Africa. Founded in 2002, Interswitch expanded to Uganda in 2010. Today, it serves multiple industry verticals and operates with a vision to make payments a seamless part of everyday life in Africa. Its unwavering mission is to create transaction solutions that enable individuals and communities to prosper across Africa. Interswitch’s broad network and robust payments platforms have been instrumental to the development of the Ugandan payments’ ecosystem.

About Asante Financial Services

Asante Financial Services Group is a high impact digital financial services company primarily focused on Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in Sub-Saharan Africa. Incorporated in Mauritius, and commenced operations in 2018, Asante Financial Services Group has since expanded with operations in Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria and Uganda. For more information, visit

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