Asante Financial Services Group is a Credit-Led Neo Bank that supports Africa’s growth through provision of financial services to growing businesses.

We are inspired by the potential of Africa and Africans, and are committed to providing relevant and affordable financial services and products primarily to the underserved. Using mobile telephony and technology, we are able to advance the financial independence and wellbeing of Africans by providing real solutions to the financial needs of Africans.

Unlocking your potential.

Africa is a continent with an abundance of natural resources, talent, and an unreserved sense of afro-optimism. Our optimism and hard-working nature is a big driver of our quest for progress, regardless of the financial challenges we may face.

Growing your business, together.

We understand the challenges many individuals and SMEs face as you endeavour to grow your businesses. We also recognise that in line with the African spirit of community, you do not have to face those challenges alone.

A Lending Partner You can Trust

We honour our promise of being a Responsible Lender with a Purpose, adopting the highest level of standards and ethics in our lending practices. We abide with the local regulatory policies and guidelines to ensure that we protect you and your business, when you access our products and services.

Our Services

Small Business Working Capital Finance

Mobile Money Agent Float Finance

Smartphone Finance

Insurance Premium Finance

We partner with reputable companies to give you easy and secure access to finances.

Chidi Okpala, CEO of Asante Financial Services Group, a digital financial services veteran with 25+ years of experience in Strategy Consulting, Retail Banking, Mobile Money and FinTech in over 30 countries across Africa.

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